Monday, October 25, 2010

Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

There are different Ozone generating apparatus according to the electronic process can produce ozone in an amount low, medium and high according to the application in the medical field. There are three ways to generate ozone through corona discharge, Cold Plasma and Ultraviolet Rays.Those who produce Ozone by Corona Discharge in need of external power through an oxygen tank and have a high production of ozone.
Ozone generators by means of cold plasma consisting of a glass tube with He gas. Ne. and Argon that is activated by an electrical source to contact stimulates tissue hemoglobin oxygen content in producing ozone. While ozone generators by means of ultraviolet rays also need an oxygen tank as a source of external power.
In the equipment field more ozone generators that are used are: For download in Corona, or Cold Plasma, which is being the most used in dentistry for having multiple probes for different applications but the convenience of not needing food oxygen. As this system produces the oxygen, using oxygen found in tissues, and by placing the probe on the surface of the apparatus concerned, it produces a stimulation reaction of oxygen atoms from the blood turning into atoms of ozone amounts necessary to regenerate the damaged area without risk of poisoning.


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